Andrea Stegher

Vice President, International Gas Union

Andrea has 25-years’ experience in the energy and gas sector in strategic, development, commercial, regulatory and transition matters.  

He was key in Snam M&A activities to promote international expansion. Among these, he had a primary role in fostering the Southern Gas Corridor development.  

In the last years he promoted energy transition projects like Gas for Climate 2050 and the setup of Snam CNG and biomethane activities. He also promoted Snam Global Solutions business unit founded to support gas markets development and optimization worldwide and, in specific, the set-up of Snam cooperation in China.  

He is serving as International Gas Union Executive Committee member since 2015 and has recently been elected as IGU President for 2025-2028 and is serving as IGU Vice President from 2021. 

9:20 - 9:40

Tuesday 18 June 2024

International perspective