Benjamin de Ville de Goyet

Senior Technical Advisor, MARCOGAZ

“EGATEC is a great technical conference to attend for anyone interested in the gas business. This is clearly the place to talk about the technical challenges to be addressed by our sector to contribute making the energy transition sucessful. I already had the pleasure to contribute to the preparation of the 3 previous sessions of the conference and to speak at the last one in Groningen. EGATEC is also the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced gas professionals and to exchange with them. That’s why I would strongly recommend people to join us in Hamburg in 2022.”

Trained as an Electro-mechanical Engineer, B. de Ville de Goyet started his career in 2003 as Mechanical Engineer in the electronic industry. In 2005, he joined FLUXYS, the Belgian TSO, as Operations Staff Engineer to help further establish and develop processes aiming at increasing the pipeline safety and integrity. Benjamin has been appointed Senior Technical Advisor to MARCOGAZ, the Technical Association of the European Gas Industry, where he is in charge to prepare gas industry’s technical positions on different topics in the field of sustainability, safety, infrastructures, utilisations and new gases. He is also in charge to represent the gas industry towards the EU institutions for some specific technical topics.