Christian Copin

Vice President, GERG, Scientific Adviser, GRTgaz

"In industry, and of course in the gas industry, progress is made when science, technology, standardization and business are perfectly in line and cooperate in an efficient way. The EGATEC Conference is a perfect example of this powerful value chain that can change the world and lead us to a clean and affordable future. This is why supporting EGATEC is a natural choice."

Christian has been working for more than 30 years in the French gas industry, mainly in the Research, Development, and Innovation activities.

After 10 first years dedicated to the optimization of gas utilisation in industrial applications, such as furnaces or other processes, his career expanded and his job included marketing aspects (as the gas market opened to competitors), and proposal of technical services to customers, mainly focused on sustainability and coupling between gas and renewable energy.

In 2008, Christian joined GRTgaz, French gas TSO, to explore innovative subjects like biomethane, power-to-gas, hydrogen and CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage). He has participated to different projects and professional networks at the European level, such as HIPS-NET, SFEM WG H2 ou Hyready.

Christian has an Engineering degree (Masters) from Ecole de Mines de Nancy.