Marie Françoise L’Huby

Chief Technical Officer, Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GrDF)

In June 2018, Marie-Françoise L’Huby joined the Executive Committee of GRDF as Technical and Industrial Director. While maintaining high level of safety for gas supply, she is more particularly in charge of adapting the distribution network to the increasing volume of injected Biomethane/Hydrogen.
After two years at IBM France, Marie-Françoise L'Huby joined EDF GDF Services at the end of 1991, where she has held several technical and customer management positions. In 2000, she became Head of Sales and Customer Service for the Lower Normandy Region and in 2003 Head of Human Resources and Logistics in Lille. After a position as Deputy Director of a Gas Network Operational Unit in Alsace in 2006 where she was in direct contact with Local Authorities, she became Director of Gas Networks Operations for the “West” GRDF Region and then for “Ile de France” GRDF Region between 2010 and 2015.
Marie-Françoise L'HUBY holds an engineering degree from Grenoble Institute of Technology.