10th GERG Young Researchers’ Awards

in association with EGATEC 2022, European Gas Technology Conference   
14–15 June, Congress Centre Hamburg, Germany 

Every one or two years, the European Gas Research Group (GERG) organises a competition to highlight the current work by postgraduate students in the field of renewable or other low carbon gases. These success stories serve to illustrate how a new generation of researchers is working hard on gas as a key enabler of a new decarbonised energy system.

The 2022 event took place in association with EGATEC 2022 on 14th June in Hamburg, promoting interaction between European universities and research centres, on R&D topics related to gas in the energy system.

During the conference, the students had the opportunity to present their posters and discuss with high-level representatives from the European gas industry, universities, companies, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, during the session dedicated to the awards, each of the students gave a pitch presentation of their PhD project, evaluated by a jury of senior members of the associations co-organising the conference.

During the award ceremony event at the charming venue of ‘Hamburg Del Mar’, the three winners were announced, and GERG awarded them prizes of 1000€:


Robin Beckmüller, PhD student, Ruhr University Bochum

“New Fundamental Equations of State for an Improved Description of Hydrogen-Rich Mixtures with the Reference Mogel GERG-2008”


Viktor Kalman, PhD student, TU Wien – Technische Universität Wien

“Recovery and purification of seasonally stored, high-pressure, green hydrogen from depleted natural gas reservoirs.”


Naguy Moussa, PhD student, Université de Technologies de Belfort-Montbéliard / General Electric:

“Hydrogen sensor based on metal oxide semiconductor.”

Congratulations to the 3 Winners and all 10 Finalists!

Review 2019

Visit the GERG webpage to get more information about the 2019 edition of the Young Researchers’ Awards.

Alexandra Kostereva

Consultant, GERG

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