Organisers of EGATEC 2022


EGATEC 2022 is a joint effort of: 


MARCOGAZ is the technical association of the European gas industry. It is a non-profit business association founded in 1968 and represents the European gas industry on all technical aspects of the midstream and downstream operations in the gas system’s value chain.

MARCOGAZ is the reference association of the gas industry for technical assessment in the midstream and downstream gas systems. It delivers factual insights, used as the basis for establishing trusted regulations, standardization and legislation in Europe and serves as a factual pillar to the European gas industry, allowing for better standardization and certification at European level.
MARCOGAZ has 30 member organizations and 26 partners from 20 European countries.  

GERG, the European Gas Research Group, is the joint R&D organisation for the European gas industry. GERG initiates research and technological innovation in all aspects of the gas chain; from production and processing, through transmission, storage and distribution, to utilisation of natural gas. GERG has 22 members and 22 friends and partners from 12 European countries. 


DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, is the German competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply. It is the central mission of the DVGW to advance the gas and water industry in both the technical and technical-scientific context. In pursuing this objective, the DVGW bases its activities on the current requirements of its members, and on the objectives declared in the statutes, i.e. safety and environmental protection. The DVGW has been working as an independent and unbiased technical-scientific association since 1859 and has 14,000 members, including 2,000 utilities and 1,400 companies.


Supporter of EGATEC 2022


ERIG, the European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation, is an European research and development organisation with the objective to guide gas in the transition process towards a future renewable based energy system. It is a non-profit association for European cooperation in research and innovation in the field of sustainable and innovative gas technologies and the use of natural gas with renewable energies.