EGATEC 2022 Conference Programme

DAY 1: 14 June 2022

DAY 2: 15 June 2022

09.15 am

Conference Opening

Thea Larsen, President, MARCOGAZ

Dr Murès Zarea, President, GERG, Lead Scientific Advisor, Global Expert, ENGIE Research

Prof. Dr Gerald Linke, CEO, DVGW and President, ERIG

Role of Gas in the Future Energy System

9.25 am

Security of Supply and Storage of Energy with Gas – Repower the EU

Rémi Mayet, Deputy Head of Unit ENER B4 Energy Security and Safety, European Commission (EC) 

9.45 am

Discussion: Enabling Security of Supply and Storage of Energy with Gas

Torben Brabo, SVP, Energinet Gas TSO, President of GIE

Thea Larsen, President, MARCOGAZ

Prof. Dr Gerald Linke, CEO, DVGW

Dr Ludwig Möhring, CEO, Bundesverband Erdgas, Erdöl und Geoenergie e.V. (BVEG)

Rémi Mayet, Deputy Head of Unit ENER B4 Energy Security and Safety, European Commission (EC) 

Dr Murès Zarea, President, GERG  

10.30 am

Coffee Break

How Gas Can Become Carbon Neutral

Harmen Dekker, CEO, European Biogas Association (EBA) 


11.00 am

Perspective for Biogas and SNG from Biomass

Dr Walter Haslinger, CEO/CSO, BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH

11.25 am

Hydrogen from Natural Gas – Technology Options
  • Gas reforming with CCS – proven technology at scale
  • Pyrolysis-based hydrogen production – emerging technology
  • Supply chain perspectives and emissions intensity
  • Examples from Equinor hydrogen projects

Dr Jostein Pettersen, Senior Advisor Process Technology, Equinor ASA

11.50 am

 Green Gas Supply for Germany & Europe – a Technology Neutral Approach  
  • Understanding the challenge – primary energy demand in Europe
  • Sources for sustainable hydrogen & biogases
  • Example Germany: Domestic production and import options for green gases
  • Challenges to the power systems & how green gases can help

Dr Christoph Gatzen, Director, Frontier Economics

12.15 pm

Reducing Methane Emissions – Contributions on MARCOGAZ and GERG Projects

Dr Tobias van Almsick, Head of Competence Center Gas Quality, Open Grid Europe GmbH

12.40 pm


12.50 pm

Reflections: The Need for Research and Development in the Gas Sector 

Frank Gröschl, Head of Technology and Innovation Management, German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)

Antony Green, Hydrogen Director, National Grid, Board Member of MARCOGAZ, GERG Vice President  

Dr Frank Graf
, Chairman of the Standing Committee New Gases, MARCOGAZ

1.10 pm

Lunch Break with GERG Young Researchers' Poster Presentations

Kostereva, Consultant, GERG

LNG & Hydrogen Infrastructure

Antony Green, Hydrogen Director, National Grid, Board Member of MARCOGAZ, GERG Vice President 

2.10 pm

Future Requirements for LNG Terminals
  • Technical aspects of LNG Terminals
  • H2-readiness of LNG Terminals
  • Import of H2 via LNG Terminals by use of other derivates, e. g. NH3

Björn Munko, Head of Gas Technologies and Energy Systems, DVGW

2.30 pm

H2 Readiness of Existing Gas Infrastructure 

Aurélie Carayol, Hydrogen Project Director, GRTgaz Technical Division and Chairwoman of the Hydrogen Task Force, MARCOGAZ

Gert Müller-Syring, Managing Director and Spokesman, DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, Chairman of the Hydrogen Task Force, MARCOGAZ

2.50 pm

Distribution Grids: a Performing and Resilient Asset for the Development of H2 in Territories
  • The place of grids in the European and French H2 strategy
  • The ways GRDF wants to explore to value H2
  • R&D actions and experimentations taken by GRDF
  • Projects followed by GRDF (power-to-methane, pyrogaseification…) 

Thomas Muller, Directeur Hydrogène, Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GrDF)

3.00 pm


3.10 pm

10th GERG Young Researchers’ Awards: Finalists' Pitches

Kostereva, Consultant, GERG

4.10 pm

Networking Break with Roundtables

4.10 pm

Short Coffee Break before General Assembly

4.30 pm

MARCOGAZ General Assembly

To participate at the MARCOGAZ General Assembly, you need to register separately via e-mail. Please send an e-mail to

5.45 pm

Shuttle Service from CCH to Hamburg del Mar

6.00 pm

Evening Event with Introduction of New MARCOGAZ President and Award Ceremony

6.00 pm

Welcome Drinks

6.30 pm

Welcoming Words

6.30 pm

Announcement of new MARCOGAZ President & Award Ceremony of the 10th GERG Young Researchers’ Awards

7.15 pm

Networking Evening with Summer BBQ & Flying Dessert

10.30 pm &
12.00 am

Shuttle Service from Hamburg del Mar to CCH

DAY 2: 15 June 2022

9.00 am

Poster Breakfast with Presentations & Discussion

Christian CopinVice President, GERG, Scientific Adviser, GRTgaz and Chairman of the Poster Selection Committee

Future Gas Utilisation

Kris de Wit, Technical ManagerBelgian Gas Association (

10.00 am

Gas Based Technologies and Innovative Concepts for Sector Integration
  • Why buildings are a hard to decarbonise sector
  • How a multi-technology approach, including those based on gas based, can improve sector integration and system efficiency
  • Different gas based technologies and their specific benefits
  • Readiness of these technologies to work with decarbonised gases

Veerle BeelaertsHead of Technology, The European Heating Industry (EHI)

10.25 am

Opportunities for H2 and Renewable Methane in the Mobility Sector  
  • Availability of renewable hydrogen and methane
  • Distribution and fueling infrastructure
  • Regulatory framework

Dr Dietrich Gerstein, Senior Advisor, TEAM CONSULT G.P.E. GmbH, Independent Expert for Renewable Mobility, DVGW e.V

10.50 am 

Hydrogen Combustion in Gas Turbines and H2-ready Power Plants
  • Fundamentals of hydrogen combustion in gas turbines
  • Status and roadmap of H2 combustion
  • H2 readiness for GT-based power plants
  • References and proof points

Erik Zindel, Siemens Energy

11.15 am

Hydrogen Powered Heat Appliances
  • Why is hydrogen so important in the heating market?
  • What solutions does the heating industry already offer today?
  • Why is there little room for selectivity?
  • Why does the steel industry benefit from hydrogen in the heating market?

Alexander Dauensteiner, Product Line Owner Fuel Cells & Co-ordinator Global Hydrogen Activities, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

11.40 am

Q & A

12.00 pm

Lunch Break  

Lighthouse Projects

Dr Patrick Cnubben, LNG & Hydrogen, New Energy Coalition, ERIG Board of Directors  

1.30 pm


Peter Kristensen, Chief Strategy Officer, Evida and Chairman of Ready4H2

1.50 pm

Hydrogen Valleys – HEAVENN

Dr Patrick Cnubben, LNG & Hydrogen, New Energy Coalition, ERIG Board of Directors

2.10 pm

WESTKÜSTE100: Industrial Scale Green Hydrogen from the North German Wind Energy Region – Heide

Dr Marcel Goelden, WESTKÜSTE100 Coordination & „Green Refinery“ Team of Heide Refinery, „Reallabor der Energiewende WESTKÜSTE100“

2.30 pm

The UK Hydrogen Pathway
  • Overview of the UK H2 strategy
  • Overview of UK projects supporting the roll out of hydrogen for heat
  • Next steps for the UK

Adam Madgett, Principal Hydrogen Consultant, DNV

2.50 pm

Q & A

3.00 pm

Coffee Break

Next Steps for the Gas Industry

3.30 pm

Sectore Coupling

Prof. Horst Steinmüller, Chairman Scientific Advisory Board, ERIG

3.50 pm

Green Hydrogen Market Economy: Symbiosis of Economic Growth, Climate Protection and Security of Supply
  • Expected global trade in green hydrogen exceeds EUR 2,000 billion
  • Climate targets 2030 already generate a demand of more than 55 TWh/a for green hydrogen in 2030
  • By 2050, annual sales for electrolysers will grow to more than 300 billion EUR
  • Green hydrogen makes renewable energies feedable and globally tradable

Werner Diwald, Chairman of the Board, German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV)

4.10 pm

Recommendation on the Evolution of the Regulatory Framework

Alix Chambris, Vice President Global Public Affairs and Sustainability, Viessmann

4.30 pm


Liam Nolan, Vice President, MARCOGAZ, Head of Technical Development & Technical Training, Gas Networks Ireland,
Chairman of the EGATEC Programme Committee

Dr Murès Zarea, President, GERG, Lead Scientific Advisor, Global Expert, ENGIE Research

Prof. Dr Gerald Linke, CEO, DVGW and President, ERIG

Melanie Twrsnick

Project Manager

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