Dr Murès Zarea

President, GERG

"EGATEC has always been a great place to liaise with a wide industry cross-section bringing together several complementary communities: Research & Innovation, technology providers, technical and operational decision makers, etc. Today the gas industry faces more demanding challenges than ever, to adapt the industry towards sustainable contributions to the net zero energy transition. Marcogaz and GERG continue to contribute the technical and scientific perspectives in this increasingly urgent structural evolution. This calls for a highly collaborative approach to accelerate technology market penetration and disseminate corresponding lessons learned throughout the industry and other stakeholders. EGATEC is a critical forum to discuss today all the practical ways for the gas industry to contribute to the energy transition."

During his 30+ years of experience in the gas and energy industry, Murès has contributed from the R&D and innovation side to a large panel of research areas: gas flow, industrial safety, pipeline integrity & inspection, resistance to external interference and natural forces, gas migration in soils, digital platforms for the gas industry, emerging technologies like drones, methane emissions, etc.

These diverse topics were progressed by managing projects and fostering collaboration, in many cases at the international level. Murès continues to hold many leading positions in national & international R&D industry associations and commissions: GERG (European Gas Research Group), EPRG (European Pipeline Research Group), PRCI (Pipeline Research Council Intl.), EASE (EU Association for the Storage of Energy), Scientific Advisory of INERIS (French Research Institute on Industrial Safety). He has participated in many collaborative projects with EU & other public co-funding: IntegRisk, Defender, etc., and lectured in several universities.

Murès holds an Engineering, Master’s and PhD Degrees from Ecole Centrale de Paris / CentraleSupelec (FR).

9.00 AM

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Conference Opening

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