Meet our EGATEC Committee Members


Programme Committee

The Programme Committee defines the high-level objectives of EGATEC. The small group of selected MARCOGAZ, GERG, DGC, DVGW and Gasunie Members supports creating the focus topics and programme of the conference.

Chairman of the Programme Committee

Alexander Schwanzer

Chairman of the EGATEC Committee , MARCOGAZ

Manuel Coxe

Secretary General, MARCOGAZ

Frank Gröschl

Head of Technology and Innovation Management, German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)

Dr Robert Judd

Secretary General, GERG

Alexandra Kostereva

Consultant, GERG

Torben Kvist

VP Projects, Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC)

Leen Pronk


Poster Selection Committee

The small group of selected MARCOGAZ and GERG and members evaluates and comments on the poster submissions.

Chairman of the Poster Selection Committee

Dr Murès Zarea

President, GERG

Prof. Dr. Horst Steinmüller

Managing Director Association WIVA P&G, University of Linz

Dr. Frank Graf

Head of Gas Technology Division, DVGW Research Center at the EBI

Michel Hardy

Transmission System Operator GRTgaz and Vice President GERG

Hans Rasmusson

Secretary General, ERIG