Prof. Dr. Horst Steinmüller

Managing Director Association WIVA P&G, University of Linz

„Austria as a central energy storage region, hub in energy transport and an important location for renewable energy sources, is perfectly suited to demonstrate an Austrian energy flagship region that illustrates the conversion of the system to renewable hydrogen in a highly networked manner.“

Studies of Technical Chemistry at the Graz University of Technology, Dissertation at the Institute of Biotechnology of the TU Graz.

Dr. Horst Steinmüller was employed at Voest-Alpine industrial plant engineering as project engineer and later as head of Department Biomass Utilization.
At the Austrian Association for Agricultural Research (ÖVAF), he was responsible as managing director for several studies and projects in the field of environmental protection, research, development and sustainability.

In addition, he taught as a lecturer at Johannes Kepler University in Linz and at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

From 2001 to 2020 Horst Steinmüller was CEO at the Energy Institute of the JKU Linz, which deals with about 80 R&D projects annually, with the task of further developing an energy system that positively influences economic and environmental areas, strengthens the European economies and reduces fossil fuels.

He is also chairman of the scientific advisory board of ERIG and Austrian representative at IEA TCP Hydrogen and Mission Hydrogen.

Horst Steinmüller is Managing Director of WIVA P&G. In his function, he ensures the optimal framework conditions for the flagship region WIVA P&G and its members.