Leen Pronk


"The energy transition will have profound effects on our energy system. We can be sure however, that the demand for energy will remain high for at least a number of decades to come. We see new energy carriers and CO2 value chains emerging and existing technologies expand or alter, connect and integrate even. During EGATEC, we are excited to bring together all kinds of experts on the specific topics within this landscape. It will be a great opportunity to expand our professional network and join forces to bring technology even further!"

With more than 40 years of experience working in gas infrastructure, Leen has accumulated extensive expertise in asset management and environmental policies.

After having completed his studies in electrical engineering, he worked a short period on developing gas fired engines, afterwards joining gas infrastructure company Gasunie in 1984. He had several positions in operations and engineering as well as in asset management, including managing the department responsible for the policy and strategy for several years. The last couple of years he has been focusing on the asset related footprint of Gasunie’s assets, balancing the footprint strategy with asset management principles.

Leen chairs the working group transmission pipelines within Marcogaz and is a member of the GERG board.